Venhouse Mobile Check-Up Scheme

A new concept of medical examination: examined by registered nurse within your residential or office at the time you chose


Higher degree of privacy

More convenient

Time saving: no need to wait in laboratory or hospital

Embarrassed circumstances may be avoided

Lower psychological pressure - more accurate result

Examination plans:



Examination Items Standard Plan Premier Plan  
Complete Blood Picture
Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
Blood Grouping (A, B, O)
Blood Rh Factor
Kidney Funtion - Urea & Creatinine
Liver Function - Bilirubin  
Liver Function - SGOT  
Liver Function - SGPT  
Liver Function - Albumin  
Hepatitis Check-up - HbsAg
Hepatitis Check-up - HbsAb  
Cholesterol, Total
Cholesterol, HDL  
Cholesterol, LDL  
Diabetes Check-up - Fasting Blood Glucose
Gout Test  
Urine Routine
Stool Routine  
Occult Blood  
Body Check - Measurement of
height, weight, pulse & blood pressure
Resting ECG  
A medical report and explained by
registered nurse by phone