Venhouse Life Care

Before establishing personal financial planning, everyone should take care of his or her beloved ones. skeleton watches

Your financial plan may have different goals.  Venhouse Life Care provides extra shield in different ways:
1. The maintenance of your family's current standard of living
2. The provision of funds for your children's education
3. The settlement of financial liabilities such as mortgages or outstanding loans
4. The provision of funds to cover estate duty
Plan features at a glance:
Guaranteed Life Protection
  • Level term insurance to age 65
  • Guaranteed sum insured and level premium
  • Upon the policy anniversary before the life insured age 65, protection can be continued with yearly renewal term insurance up to the policy anniversary before the life insured age 85 *


    * premium rate of yearly renewal term insurance for each year will be determined in accordance with the life insured's current attained age rate
Premium refundable
  • Up to 55% premium refund upon surrender or policy maturity
  • Issue age: 18 ~ 50 (age last birthday)
  • Minimum Sum Insured: HK$200,000 / US$25,000
  • Policy Maturity: at age 65
  • Riders: Critical Illness, Wavier of Premium, etc.