Privacy Policy


The protection of personal information of our clients is important to us. As a financial planner, the collection and use of the personal information of our clients is fundamental to our daily business operations. Venhouse is also concerned about the personal information of our employees and representatives
Therefore, replica watches we pledge to meet fully, and where possible exceed, internationally recognized standards of personal data privacy protection, in complying with requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance in respect of the collection, use, retention and disclosure of personal information. Each Venhouse employee and representative must abide by our commitment to privacy in the handling of personal information.
We are committed to provide quality financial planning services in a manner that fosters trust and confidence among our clients, employees and representatives. We adhere to the following principles when dealing with personal information:
  • only proper and legitimate means are employed to collect personal data
  • personal data collected and used is accurate and timely
  • our use of personal data is consistent with the Ordinance and contractual obligations
  • personal data is protected by appropriate safeguards and made available only to authorized persons, and
  • clients have the right to access and request correction of their personal data.
At Venhouse, we collect and hold personal data of our clients in relation to their personal and policy particulars, medical and occupation history, financial, avocational and claims information. This data is collected by Venhouse for the purposes of:
  • administering the client's policy
  • analyzing the risk, and processing claims
  • statistical or actuarial research performed by our company, our associated company or the investment, insurance and retirement plan industry, and
  • promotional offers of new or additional service.