Risk Profile Analysis
1. What is your age?
18 - 35
36 - 50
51 - 65
Over 65
2. What is your monthly disposable income for saving/investment after deducting repayment of mortgage, analysis debt, other expenses etc.?
Less than 10%
10% - 25%
25% - 40%
More than 40%
3. What is your current employment status?
4. Have you ever invested in unit trust funds, equities, foreign exchange or options?
No, as I would be uncomfortable with the risk involved
No, but I would be comfortable with the risk involved
Yes, but I was uncomfortable with the risk involved
Yes, and I was comfortable with the risk involved
5. How many dependents (children, parents, etc.) do you have?
2 - 3
4 or above
6. How long will you expect to need the money that you have invested?
Less than 2 years
2 – 5 years
6 – 10 years
More than 10 years
7. Do you have any emergency fund (saving of at least 6 months of income)?
Yes, but less than 6 months
Yes, more than 6 months but less than 1 years
Yes, and more than 1 year
8. How much is you annual income?
Less than HK$200,000
HK$200,000 – 300,000
HK$300,001 – 400,000
Over HK$400,000
9. What is your investment objective?
Capital guaranteed
Steady growth with interest earnings
Capital growth with interest earnings
Capital growth and interest earnings can be given up
10. Do you need to withdraw more than 50% of the money that you have invested within five years for your analysis purpose (marriage, entertainment,housing etc.) ?
More than 5 years
Within 2 - 5 years
Within 1 Year
11. Which of the following statements is the best description for your attitude towards risk?
For the purpose of high capital growth, I can accept higher risk.
I can accept normal risk for stable return
I just can accept the minimum risk for inflation protection
I don't want to take any risk
12. What are your expected earnings over the next year?
Expected earnings will be growth
Expected earnings will be stable
Expected earnings will be unstable
Expected earnings will drop

The result is concluded from questions with certain assumptions, it is only for reference, and not representing the standard or guideline for selection of investment funds or portfolio; the risk of a client should consider such objective factors as financial ability, investment objective, investment experience. Venhouse Financial Planning Ltd. will not liable for any loss due to the accuracy or use of the result.