What is Will?

A Will is a legal document signed base on specific terms which ensures your assets can be distributed according to your desire after you have passed away. In Hong Kong, a Will must be in writing and signed by the testate and two witnesses who are not the beneficiaries of the Will.



What are the advantages of Will?
  1. Assets can be distributed according to your own desire and specific beneficiaries; not decided by the Intestates' Estates Ordinance.
  2. The beneficiaries can receive your assets in shorter time.
  3. Time-saving and cost-saving.
  4. Will is important for non-married intimates and parents of the deceased as they may be entitle nothing according to the Intestates' Estate Ordinance.
  5. You can entrust a guardian to take care of your minor children, it is important especially when your spouse loses such capacity or dies.
  6. A Will can provide a comprehensive protection to whom you most concern, so that reduce your uneasy and anxiety.


How will my assets to be distributed without a Will?


How the assets to be distributed according to Intestates' Estate Ordinance (Chapter 73)?