Wealth Protection

Protect assets and transfer our current liabilities by insurance policies:


(1) Personal Insurance

i. Life Insurance *
ii. Investment-Linked insurance **
iii. Personal Accident Insurance
iv. Medical Insurance
v. Travel Insurance
vi. Family Insurance
vii. Domestic Helper Insurance
viii. Motor Insurance
ix. Others

* For wealth protection of the clients in High Net Worth market, huge amount of sum insured is required.  Premium Financing is a solution for such clients to buy a huge amount of sum insured with leveraging.
** Investment-Linked insurance is included as an approved investment for Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (CIES).


(2) Commercial Insurance

i. Employees' Compensation Insurance
ii. Fire Insurance
iii. Burglary Insurance
iv. Public Liability Insurance
v. Contractor All Risks
vi. Motor Insurance
vii. Cargo Insurance
viii. Office All Risks
ix. Retail All Risks
x. Others


(3) Employee Benefit

i. Group Medical Insurance
ii. Group Life Insurance
iii. Group Accident Insurance