CEO Message

“Pursue Professional, Ensure Integrity” is the mission we firmly hold in providing financial planning services to our clients. Professionalism is the cornerstone for the operation of a company; Integrity is the base of creation and maintenance of the mutual trust. The foundation of professionalism and integrity should not be swayed with any change in the economic environment and market.

Since the establishment of Venhouse Financial Planning Limited in 1987, we believe that professional and objective advices and services are the most beneficial to clients; that’s why we engage in the industry as an 
autonomic financial planner to provide services to our clients with neutral and objective manner for achieving their various financial targets according to their needs and interests.  As professional financial planner, we serve all stratums of clients.  In addition to provide services with popular insurance products, we also advice solutions to those clients who need huge protection as well as assist them to arrange Premium Financing for such huge sum insured. As investment-linked products are included in the approved portfolio for Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (CIES), we shall serve the clients who are planning to apply for CIES.

We are not only providing sound impartial advice to individual clients, but also providing a strong business platform for potential business partners in our rapidly expanding business network of financial planning.  A strong team of financial planners is essential for providing professional financial planning services. All financial planners not only have to comply with the requirements of engaging in the industry, but also have to upgrade their professionalism and comply with integrity. In the aspect of professionalism, we provide financial support on professional examination to assist them to obtain certified qualifications. In the aspect of business, we invested large amount of resources to develop our strong Web Info System, so that they can work and manage their business and sales team any time.  With the change of market and financial crisis in the past, compliance is becoming more important.  In order to protect our clients’ interest, we continuously strengthen our internal control and compliance. 

Our company name “VENHOUSE” represents a professional institution (House) serves our clients with (V) variety of products, (E) enthusiasm and (N) neutrality.  In the future, we will continually develop and enhance our financial planning services with our resources, experience and knowledge, and expect for growth in pace with our clients and financial planners.


Samuel Leung
Chief Executive Officer
Venhouse Financial Planning Ltd.